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2018 Spring ECIR Goalie Clinic




Entire Program Fees Due with Application

Please make checks payable to - CCIR


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Everett Community Ice Rink


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“ECIR Goalie Clinic”

2000 Hewitt Ave. Suite 200


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Everett, WA 98201



I/we the parents of                                                   _             _ -do hereby give my/our consent to any authorized physician to perform such medical services as may be necessary because of participation of my/our son or daughter in the Everett Community Ice Rink activities. I/we do further hereby release, absolve, in- demnify and hold harmless the ice arena, the officers, board members, coaches, supervisors and any authorized physician, any or all of them for any injuries in- curred either accidental or by the negligence of their selves or others while partici- pating in said program. I/we hereby waive all claims against the aforementioned parties or any other persons appointed by then or any authorized physician. I/we understand that the term "authorized" physician means not only our own physician listed below, but any other licensed, practicing physician who is called to perform the required medical services.


I have read and understand the above statement:                                               __ Date:        


Registration accepted on a first received basis.

No  refunds, unless due to medical emergency


2000 Hewitt Ave. Suite 200

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Everett, WA 98201

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